22 ottobre 2013

FLOSS production tool for VFX @ Blender conference 2013

The 2013 blender conference is coming,
this year the production workflow is getting lot of interest, there are many talk on this topic like:

  • Christopher Webber:  MediaGoblin, Blender, and Network Freedom in Graphics
  • James Yonan:  Build your own low-cost yet highly scalable Blender render farm using Amazon Web Services
  • Silvano Imboden: A production pipeline for Cultural Heritage movies: from the concept layout to the Blender Render Farm 
  • and the most interesting IMHO  the Jason van Gumster's Roundtable about Open Source Production Pipeline.
Probably some of you reading this blogpost knows I've worked for some time with a couple of friend on an pipeline tool called: OPAM.
I currently use it to manage the production I work on with other people around the word.

Hope to meet them to share some thought about production tools and maybe find a way to cooperate each other!